50 Things To Do While Quarantined (without children)

Some people, especially young adults, are going crazy at home! I think it’s because, they typically don’t look for things to do around the house.  They are moved by outside stimulation (sports, friends meeting for lunch, etc). They are even getting board of social media. Older adults are going stir crazy, as well.  Since I have been self employed since 1994, I can’t remember the last time I said, “I’m board”, or “what should I do today”.  I usually wake  to a list of things to do.  I thought I would create a list of things people can do to keep occupied.

  1.  Cook a complicated meal from scratch.
  2.  Hand write notes to friends and family and mail them.
  3.  Start writing in a journal
  4.  Schedule a few zoom meetings during the day. Face time with family & friends for coffee or wine.
  5.  Take an on-line exercise class (they are everywhere for free)
  6.  Call a senior citizen to show you care
  7.  Answer this question: “If money were no object, how would you spend your day?” (not quarantined)
  8.  Plan an on-line “Theme Party” 70’s, formal, toga, etc. provide music, and everyone makes their own snacks.
  9.  Learn a Language
  10.  Work a puzzle
  11.  Go to You Tube and learn something new.
  12.  Plan time OFF Social Media to relax
  13.  Make a spring arrangement/wreath for your front door.
  14. Organize your music playlists
  15.  Clean out your e-mails
  16.  Watch old home movies – digitize them or send away to have digitized
  17.  Try a totally new hairstyle
  18.  Have a spa day and treat yourself at your home spa
  19.  Gather things to sell on E-Bay or a Local site to make $
  20. Make your travel bucket list
  21. Watch some really long movies that you have always wanted to see.
  22. Create your own custom cocktail or non-alcoholic drink
  23.  Write your life story (from your earliest memory to today)
  24.  Choose a Pinterest project to complete
  25. Organize photos & Picture Frames
  26.  Make a WILL or Living WILL – Legal Zoom is great
  27. Make a dream board
  28. Practice doing make-up a different way
  29. Contact local friends or neighbors and see if they need help
  30. Find a great self-help book and start setting some goals of self-improvement
  31. Move your furniture around
  32. Read the Bible
  33. Watch all the Oscar winning movies
  34. Clean that Junk Drawer
  35. Make amends with someone you care about.
  36.  Bake a cake or pie from scratch
  37.  Set a Goal to stretch every single day
  38.  Start a writers circle with 3 or more people. Give 5 words to everyone to write a short story about and them compare later.
  39. Make a dance playlist and dance around
  40. Prank a family member
  41. Make up a dance & put on Youtube for friends to learn
  42. Try Yoga or meditate
  43. Check out all the podcasts you want to listen to
  44. If you have a home business or hobby organize your files
  45. Try a new food every day
  46. Paint your mailbox
  47. Plan a vacation for fall or 2021
  48. Make a flower arrangement
  49. Make your own pod cast
  50. Clean out your phone

2 comments on “50 Things To Do While Quarantined (without children)

  1. LaVonne on

    Great ideas Kim! This is a great opportunity to journal as this has never happened before. Someday these personal journals will be family treasures just as those from the Civil War are. Text books can not capture the individual emotions of this time.


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