Mystery Trips


Mystery Trips

Wanting to get away for the weekend but have no idea where you want to go? Don't have the time or energy to research and plan even a quick trip? Looking for somewhere new to visit, but don't know where? Girls' Getaway? Weekend with the guys?
Are you ready to give up control and think outside of the box? Add a little adventure and mystery in your life with a Mystery Trip by Outta Here Travels!

  1. Fill out our customized form. Some details we will need to know include: your budget per person for travel and accommodations; travel dates; travel preferences; traveler information. We also want to know all about you. What do you like/dislike? What are your hobbies and interests no matter how quirky you may think they are? * Pricing starts at $300/per person for Close To Home and $2500/person for International
  2. After we receive your form and go over it, we may contact you for additional information and questions. You will then be sent an invoice for the amount you specified and the card will be authorized immediately once you submit payment.  We book your travel and accommodations for you within your budget. If you would rather forgo the mystery and or pay a little more for a specific experience, just email us and we will discuss your requests further.
  3. Five to seven days before you leave for your trip you will receive an email from Outta Here Travels. Inside of it will contain hints and details regarding your destination. Some of the information may include a weather forecast, items you might pack (swimsuit, heavy coat, etc), baggage restrictions (air or train), etc.
  4. Three to four days before you go, you will receive an email from Outta Here Travels with your itinerary. You may want to open the itinerary but DO NOT open it. You'll ruin the mystery. This itinerary will contain all the information you will need for your mystery trip, including suggestions for things to do and see. You will be able to open it 24 hours in advance if you are flying. If you are taking a road trip, you can wait until you are in the car to open. Outta Here Travels LOVES to see pictures and videos of when our clients first see their custom itinerary.

Common Questions

Outta here travels mystery trip

Common Questions

Where am I going? 
If you knew, it would ruin the mystery. If you've specified destinations or regions in the form, we will take note and it might be one of those.....or it may not be. We will not send you anywhere you tell us not to.  We also will do our best not to have you traveling all day. Depending on where you live, that may be as few as a couple of hours away or if you have decided on an international Mystery Trip, you may be flying several hours. (We suggest at least 5+ days if you pick The World Is The Limit) This will also depend on available flights if you decide to fly. (We will try our best not to have you stuck in an airport all day, but ultimately, we have no control over airline schedules, delays, weather, etc.)

What if I want to go during the week instead of the weekend? 
We understand not everyone works a M-F work schedule. Just include the travel dates you want and add any details regarding specific times you are available. Ex: do you have to wait until you get off work to leave? Do you have to travel an hour or so to the nearest airport?

Why do you have budget options?
​Our budget options are based on two adults.  Expenses can vary greatly though during holidays and peak travel times like summer or spring break. If you want to travel during one of these times, please increase your budget. If you live in an area with fewer flight or transportation options, please raise your budget. Ex: Amarillo area flights will go to Dallas, Houston, or Denver before going to another destination so the costs are typically a bit more. If you still are not certain, give us a call and we can help you decide on a budget that will work for you.

What if there is an emergency while I'm gone?
​We are here for you 24/7 while you are traveling. We also require an emergency contact to be listed. The possibility of an emergency is another reason we encourage the purchase of travel protection.

Does my budget include ground transportation to the airport or accommodations? What about gas for a road trip?
​That depends. Not for domestic travel unless noted ahead of time. In certain areas, it could turn into a logistical nightmare for all of us. There can be weather issues, flight delays, etc. and we think it's best for you to be in control of that aspect of the trip when you are in destination. Certain international destinations may include transportation, think all-inclusive in the Caribbean. Other areas may not include transportation when public transportation is much more reliable and available. You will know this in advance of travel.
If you book a mystery road trip, the funds will go towards accommodations and maybe some extras as mentioned in the next column. You will be in charge of gas. We have no way of knowing gas prices and what kind of gas mileage your mode of transportation will get.

What's the deadline to sign up for a quick getaway?
We need at least 30 days notice for domestic travel and 60 days notice for international. The shorter the notice, the more expensive the travel costs can be.  Airfare drastically increases in the last few weeks up until departure. The more notice we have, the better chance we have at maximizing your funds.  We can take reservations up till 12 months before you would like to travel.

Reward or membership programs:
We understand many of our clients are members of hotel and airline reward programs. Unfortunately, we will not be able to apply points/miles to your mystery trip or assign your number while booking. If we did that, you would be able to log into your reward account and see where you are going. That would make us sad and ruin the mystery for you. If flying, you can try to input your reward number when checking in for the flight. We cannot guarantee or promise the flights will count towards earned miles though. The same holds true for accommodations. We cannot promise member amenities such as bottles of water or free WiFi. You can request this at check-in, but there is no guarantee.Please be advised that some properties will not recognize membership if the booking was made with a third-party supplier. 

What if I don't want to go to where you have picked for me?
​That would make us sad.  We ask that you go on your trip with an open mind and hope you will find something to love about your trip. When filling out the form below, please let us know if there is anywhere you absolutely do not want to go to or you've been to recently. We will avoid these areas when deciding on the perfect location to send you. ​We do not issue refunds. When you agree to pay for the trip, you agree to let Outta Here Travels, LLC pick the destination for you and charge your card for the budgeted amount outlined in the purchase.

How long are the trips? 
Close to Home and Road Trips start at two nights and three days, but you can request longer with an increased budget. When traveling in North America or on an All-Inclusive trip, there is a 3-night minimum. For The World Is The Limit, we have a 6-night minimum. We will make every effort to give you as much time as possible to your destination. We typically try to schedule early morning flights on Day 1 and evening flights on the last day, unless you specify otherwise. If you would like a more extended trip, please email or call us.

Why do I pay upfront? How does that work?
​I know this can be unnerving for many, but there is a reason why we ask for you to pay upfront. We don't want to ruin the mystery. When we make travel arrangements, the suppliers will charge the card, and you would be able to see what the charge is and from where. Outta Here Travels takes a small service fee of 10%, and the rest goes towards planning your travel. When you get back from your trip if you would like to see the receipts, we are more than happy to show you. If you have any extra left over after arranging travel and accommodations, we will use it for such things as credit towards hop on/off transportation if offered, a dinner out, a tour or excursion based on what you fill out in your form.

What does my budget include? 
If you choose to fly, your budget includes transportation to the destination in the form of air, train, or even motorcoach (not Greyhound), accommodations and possibly an attraction or two. If you want the road trip option, then the budget includes accommodations and recommended attractions along the way.

Can kids or babies come too? 
​We love to plan family trips, but this getaway is for adults only. If you would like to schedule a trip for your entire family, please give us a call or email us.

What type of accommodations do you book?
We typically book 3-5 star accommodations including name brand hotels, resorts, bed & breakfast, boutique hotels and inns, villas and maybe even a lodge or cabin in the mountains. It all depends on your budget and what you tell us in the form you fill out.

What if I don't receive an email with travel details? 
Please call us if you have not received your email 36 hrs before departure and we will let you know all the information you will need.

Do you offer travel insurance?
​We do offer travel protection options through our travel partners and a third-party supplier. Outta Here Travels, LLC partners with Roam Right to provide you options for coverage. Prices will vary, and we can send you a quote if you would like.

What if I have to cancel?
​We hope you don't have to, but we understand sometimes it can't be avoided. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will receive a refund. Suppliers have different terms and conditions regarding cancellations. Outta Here Travels, LLC charges a $50 cancellation fee in addition to any cancellation fee the suppliers may charge. We highly suggest the purchase of travel protection to help protect your financial investment on this trip. If your trip has not been booked yet, we can refund your amount minus the $50 cancellation fee and card processing fees.

How do flights work?
We will need your FULL LEGAL NAME AS LISTED ON YOUR GOVERNMENT ID YOU WILL USE TO CHECK INTO THE FLIGHT. You will be able check-in to your flight 24 hours before you leave for your trip.  You will be responsible for checking-in on your return flight. We will provide you will everything you need to do so. If you are traveling, for 3 nights or less, we suggest only taking a carry-on bag to avoid baggage charges. We will send you the airline's rules for baggage in the email so you can pack accordingly. If you would like to check a bag, you will be responsible for the baggage charge which typically runs from $30-45 for the first bag per person.
It is imperative that names are spelled correctly and are the legal names as mentioned above. Incorrect names can cause you to be denied boarding. Airlines have stringent rules regarding name changes or corrections and charge hefty fees or even possible cancellation of the ticket. Outta Here Travels will charge a $100 change fee in addition to any fees the suppliers may charge. Outta Here Travels is not responsible for denied boarding and/or subsequent fees due to incorrect information given to Outta Here Travels by the traveler or omissions on the travelers' part.

Outta Here Mystery Trips are non-refundable and if canceled or modified will be subject to fees from the agency in addition to any fees suppliers may charge. Please be aware that due to COVID-19, rules and regulations can change at any time and the agency is not liable for any delays or cancelations this may cause with your trip. Travel protection is highly recommended and Outta Here Travels, LLC can send you a quote if you would like.

By purchasing the Outta Here Mystery Trip, you are giving Outta Here Travels, LLC permission to pick the destination and make all travel arrangements on your behalf. You understand and acknowledge you will not receive travel details regarding the destination until 24 hrs before departure. Please review the entire agency Terms and Conditions for full rules and explanations. **NOT AVAILABLE TO RESIDENTS IN CALIFORNIA, FLORIDA, HAWAII, IOWA or WASHINGTON**