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Bus Travel

Bus travel in Australia is comfortable and well organized. Long-distance buses, also called "coaches," have air-conditioning, onboard toilets, reclining seats, Wi-Fi, and even attendants and videos on longer routes. By law, all are required to provide seat belts, and you are required to use them. Smoking is prohibited on all buses.

Australia's national bus network is run by Greyhound Australia (no connection to Greyhound in the United States), which serves far more destinations than any plane or train services. However, Australia is a vast continent, and bus travel here requires plenty of time. The journey from Sydney to Melbourne takes 15 hours, Adelaide to Perth takes 39 hours, and Brisbane to Cairns takes 30 hours. If you plan to visit specific regions, it could be worthwhile considering flying to a major hub, then using buses to explore the region when you get there.

Oz Experience has hop-on, hop-off coach travel and tour packages aimed at budget travelers. Utilizing the Greyhound network, the packages take in both major cities and adventure destinations. Oz has a great selection of routes—you buy a pass, and then have unlimited stopovers along that route, booking each segment by telephone or online as you travel. For example, their Bruce Cobber Pass (A$599) takes you along the coast between Sydney and Cairns, including stops at Byron Bay, Magnetic Island, and the Atherton Tablelands, where you get a day tour.

You can book passes and individual tickets on Greyhound and Oz Experience online through their websites, over the telephone, or in person at their desks in bus terminals.

Bus Information

Greyhound Australia. 1300/473946;

Oz Experience. 1300/300028;


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