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In addition of being the largest city in the province of Quebec, Montreal is easily the most multicultural metropolis in Canada, if not all of the Americas. It keeps strong marks of its French origins but has welcomed people of so many backgrounds it has become truly cosmopolitan. As night time falls, an orange glow coats the city, and Montreal's vibrant nightlife comes into motion.

The City

Feel the grandeur of skyscrapers as you walk the broad streets of downtown Montreal. Beyond its French heritage, Montreal is a metropolis built on cultural synergy. From Little Italy to Chinatown, the philosophy of Montreal has always been to celebrate all cultures cohabiting within it, and no other city has done it better. Montreal has a free spirit, one that its residents uphold, and confers a powerful energy. Don't be surprised if, after a few hours only, you catch yourself smiling like a true Montrealer. From long shopping streets and cute neighborhoods to glossy and huge modern buildings, Montreal's cityscape offers as much variety as its population. City of the 100 bell towers, it has not rejected its past, and one can still encounter old religious buildings such as the beautiful Saint Joseph’s cathedral or the stunning Basilique Notre-Dame. At night, the city awakens with new energy, and there is always something to do: festivals, fireworks, nightclubs, and more restaurants than one can count, just to begin with.

Do & See

From historical landmarks to atmospheric neighborhoods to lose yourself in, Montreal could very well be one of the coolest places on earth. There is enough to do and see to fill up an entire holiday, and every season brings its own charm. Frozen lakes in winter leave way to flowery mounts in spring, and sunbathing in the summer disappears into the maple colors of fall. Whether you choose to use the incredible public transport network, walk, or ride a bicycle, you are sure to enjoy a break in Montreal.


In a city where cultures mingle as harmoniously as in Montreal, and where the French influence remains strong, one can only expect an incredible gourmet scene. Expectations are more than met in this cosmopolitan megalopolis, and one can savour everything from street food to fine delicacies. Splurge on traditional Poutines, have a French dinner that may taste even better than in France or try eats from all over the world. The food here is usually well-served and genuine, from all origins and prepared with love.


Montreal has cafes at nearly every corner. Some neighborhoods never disappoint, one good area to wander through in search for a cosy cafe or small eatery is Plateau Mont Royal. Avoid the big brands and scout the city for hidden gems and individual cafes. There is always a good excuse to stop for a nice cup o'Jo or some sweet treats, especially in a city like Montreal.

Bars & Nightlife

As night falls, Montreal gains new vibrancy with its large variety of authentic bars, musical performances, and frequent festivals. Head to the Old Port of Montreal and check out Terrace Bonsecours to dance the night away. One can also take things at a slower pace and relax in a lounge or a jazz bar. Music lovers will find an abundance of music bars, while the rest hits the streets in search for the best cocktails in town (the options here are practically endless).


There is an incredible amount of opportunities to shop for nearly anything under the sun in Montreal. And with an entire underground network of stores, hotels, and even offices nicknamed "Underground City", the cold of the winter is no excuse. Huge malls can be found throughout the whole city, but chances are Montreal will win you over with its nice markets, vintage stores or small local boutiques boasting of true Montreal style.